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Sistemul Clasic al Comunicării Ştiinţifice

Alexandru Dan Corlan,

Revista de Politica Ştiinţei şi Scientometrie 5(1):31-39, 2016


We describe instruments of scientific communication, such as the personal communication, the laboratory notebook, the dataset archive, the research journal and the conference proceedings, in their classical realisation. Consolidation of commercial publishing houses and their acquisition of many journals from the learned societies in the last part of the former century led to oligopolies in some fields, resulting in the periodicals crysis. In the web age, online versions of most classical communication instruments were introduced, that mostly preserve the same features of their paper variants. These electronic tools, however, constitute only the first stage of the web revolution in research communication. Open access to publications and data, and especially the switch from accessing literature from following specific journals to searching through a database, are quickly changing the way research results are disseminated. The elements that aggregated over centuries, resulting in the academic journal that publishes peer reviewed primary articles, are currently being reinvented and rearranged into distinct instruments. Completely new tools such as collaborative platforms and games as a form a research output hint to an entirely transformed scientific communications system in the very near future.

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