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  • On-line Medline to BibTeX converter to perform PubMed queries with answers in BibTeX format
  • AVSOMAT is a small utility program to automate the reduction of CCD images of variable stars;
  • probability distributions in contract bridge. You can use this site to generate many random distributions with certain constratints (such as known cards, length in a colour in a player's hand or honor point ranges for a player's hand) and estimate the probability of each card in each hand. Source code is also available.
  • TeXability is a site with demos of the electronic typesetting system "TeX".
  • Ecgnosis A complete solid state holter (24h ambulatory ECG) monitor and analysis system, with open source schematics and code.
  • Clarrhmos a simulator for myocardial depolarization, release 3.0
  • Wiport a GUI library with an Ada binding.
  • gugulime an X Window environment for 23-month old kids.
  • desktop wallpaper: photographs of naturally repetitive or fractal images.
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