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Alexandru-Dan Corlan, MD, PhD

Research Program

Population models for clinical prediction

Estimates of the risk of clinical events, such as death, stroke, aggravation or recovery, are the basis of therapeutic decisions.

The simplest such estimates rely on counting events in past populations: a new case is supposed to have a risk equal to the event rate previously observed in supposedly similar patients.

To include knowledge of methabolic, pathological and pharmacological processes, equations that connect measurements at the time of prediction with the rate of events at various times in the future must be added to the estimation. [more ...]

Research investment policies

All research results from a personal investment of each individual scientist to which, sometimes, coinvestments from organisations and funders are added.

There is a continuum between the return on investment problems of the individual researcher and of the coinvestors and from small, daily personal decisions to operational decisions in any laboratory, to institutional plans, up to national strategic planning. [more ...]


Programming and other hobby projects.

Open source software

Some general purpose software projects, developed for fun or for use in certain research works, many of them experimental and/or unmaintained.
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Other postings or hobby projects.

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